The Spear of Destiny (Hitler & Historical Artefacts)

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(Not a picture of the actual spear) but a model

This article although nothing to do with any war time sites does have historical WWII connections.

The Spear Of Destiny or (Holy Lance) (Vienna Lance) is the name given to the spear that pierced the side of Christ (whilst he was on the crucifix) by a Roman soldier.

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It is said that anyone who holds the spear has the power to rule/control the world at their will, positively or negatively.  Adolf Hitler had an obsession with historical relics with religious so called powers.

History shows that Hitlers first encounter with the spear was as a teenager struggling to become an architect, he viewed the spear at Weltliches Schatzkammer Museum in Vienna, also known as The Imperial Treasury.

Hitlers obsession was fulfilled when the Nazi’s annexed Austria in 1938 and he acquired the very same spear, it was kept at St.Katherine’s church in Nuremberg but was soon moved to an underground bunker for saver keeping.

On April 30th 1945 the allies retrieved what Hitler believed to be the Spear of Destiny and Hitler was found dead in his bunker soon after.

It is written that anyone who possess the spear and then looses it it will die, a myth?, old wife’s tail?, a curse?, I will leave the validity of this fatal myth to your own conclusions, however, if you check the history of those who have possessed the spear you will find that they all died soon after it left them.

In 2003 the BBC produced a special documentary entitled”The Spear of Jesus”, it was examined by Dr.Robert Feather, Archaeologist/Metallurgist, who’s background can be found at: www.robert-feather.com.

The spear was dated as part of the program  and found to be from the 7th century, Roman times.

There are other spears or parts there of but none of these date back to the correct century either.

As for the mythical powers of the Spear Of Destiny, again this can only be left to individual conclusions, but one thing is certain and that was the obsession Hitler had with religious artefacts and his lust for power.

The current location of the Spear Of destiny (Vienna Lance) is Imperial Palace Museum, Vienna, http://www.kaiserliche-schatzkammer.at/

Open: Daily except Tuesday  09.00  –  17.30          Admission: 12.00 euro

I viewed the Vienna lance at in a museum in Aachen, Germany back in the early 80’s whilst on a trip to Europe, unfortunately all photos are lost, sorry.  it was certainly a great pleasure to see it as several weeks prior to the trip I had read the book “The Spear of Destiny” by Trevor Ravenscroft.  The book can be found here by clicking on the book below:

Spear of destiny pic

Following in the footsteps of the Spear Of Destiny (Holy Lance), actually seeing this artefact that Hitler had searched for and found was indeed a delight, a true WW II artefact.

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