Schindler’s List (Oskar Schindler Factory Visit)

Factory window showing pictures of those saved

Factory short background

This factory was first established 1937, by three Jewish partners, Michal Gutman, Izrael Kahn and Wolf Luzer.  The company changed hands several times over the years and in June 1939 the company applied for insolvency which was granted by the regional court in krakow.

The Main Gate (Schindler Factory)

Nazi Germany Invade Poland

On September 1st 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland and as part of that invasion came Oskar Schindler a German industrialist, a member of the Nazi Party( which he only exploited when it suited his purpose) and an Abwehr agent.

Screenshot (157)
Oskar Schindler

Under the occupation forces power he took control of what is now known as the Schindler Factory in November 1939. He used forced labour for the work force which was mainly Jewish, they had a camp inside the factory grounds.

Schindler’s List

The actual list consisting of nine separate lists was not penned or directed by Schindler at all, it was produced by a Jewish man called Marcel Goldberg.  This first list was compiled over several years and Schindler had no idea who’s names were on it.

The final list consisting of five lists was penned by someone completely different and to this day that person is unknown.

Oskar Schindler used his industrial and Nazi Party connection to save 1,200 Jewish workers from concentration camps, stating that he required experienced workers for his other factories which would in turn help the German war effort.

A Plaque on the wall of the factory

Visiting the Schindler’s factory

Following in the footsteps of those 1,200 people I visited this factory which is now a museum with some insightful exhibits.  I made it part of my Cracow city visit which by the way has quite a few very interesting WW II sites, the ghetto wall, main square, to name a couple.  (See the end of blog for tour information)

Inside museum 1
Inside museum 2

If you decide to make your own way there then here is some important information:

Open: please use this link as it is varied: https://www.mhk.pl/branches/oskar-schindlers-factory

Admission: £5.00

The factory can be found here, please click on map to view in google maps

Schindler factory map

I found my visit to this wonderful city much easier using a guided tour but that is for everyone.  If your going it alone then tickets for the Schindler factory must be booked online.

look out for other posts coming soon about my visit to Poland.

Schindler’s List the Film

This film directed by Steven Spielberg, staring Liam Neilson is a must see award winning adaptation of Oskar Schindler, get your copy by  clicking on your choice below:

Screenshot (155)                                Screenshot (154)

Or if you prefer reading then get your copy of the true story below:

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you can book a tour using this link below: click on the picture……..

Screenshot (157)Tours through getyourguide
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