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China Visit Part 2 Shanghai

Before going into China I spent a few days in Hong Kong and was considering my options, do I enter from the south or fly up north and then work my way back to Hong Kong.  Down by the bay there is a walk way with some interesting things to find, if your interested in martial arts that is,  here are some pictures….

It was decided, as on my bucket list was the Great Wall I would head north first, now at this point I should tell you I had just come from Vietnam, also, everywhere else I had so far visited was tropical weather.  In my rucksack was nothing but, t-shirts and shorts.

Although it’s January 2007 it’s still pretty warm in the south, so anyway, I apply for my visa, it takes 24 hours and cost £30.00.

There are changes now and here is a recent table of fees taken from their website:


Based on the changes in the exchange rate in recent years, the Chinese Embassy and Consulates in the U.K. will apply new rates for fees of consular documents as of 19th November, 2018. At the same time, in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, the Chinese Embassy and Consulates will increase fees for 5 year multiple entry visa and 10 year multiple entry visa to £170 and £255 respectively.

The fees of consular documents will be adjusted as follows:

Visa Fees

Nationality Regular service Express service
British £85(Except for 5 year/10 year multiple entry visa) £104
£170(Multiple entries for 5 years) £189
£255(Multiple entries for 10 years) £274
American £108 £127
Canadian £59 £78
Israeli £20 £39
Argentina £115 £134
Brazilian £100 £119
Serbian £2 £21
Romanian £58(Single entry) £77
£77(Double entries) £96
£115(Multiple entries) £134
Others £28(Single entry) £47
£42(Double entries) £61
£56(Multiple entries for 6 months) £75
£84(Multiple entries for 1 year and above) £103

The Flight

With visa nicely placed in my passport off I go, it’s about 2 to 3 hours flight depending on the aircraft from Hong Kong to Shanghai.  Cost around £110 today.  I have found that its cheaper to actually pay and book flights around Asia in the country your in rather than from home prior to leaving, but each to their own.

So we are up up and away, approximately 20 minutes prior to landing everyone seems to be putting on coats, getting hats and gloves ready, do they know something I don’t?? it would seem so.  The flight attendant approaches me, do you have any warm clothes? She asks, no I replied, your going to be cold.. its minus 20 in Shanghai!!!!!

so in my mind this is the picture I had


Knee deep in snow with nothing but shorts and a t-shirt, sandals on my feet.


Everyone is looking at me, they all have coats, hats, gloves, me, I look like a crazy westerner who doesn’t know what is about to hit him. Oh boy was they right!

Get through customs and start thinking about where to go and get some North pole clothing, rescued, a very nice Chinese fella took pity on me I think as I stood at the main entrance door.  He asked if I would like a life to a shopping mall, without hesitation I replied, thank would be great thank you.

There wasn’t really any snow about, it was the wind that made it so cold, and that walk to his car was the longest and coldest I have ever made..  Heater now going at full bore, 40 minutes or so later we are shopping, he even stayed with me to make sure I got what I needed, very nice man.

shoes-2833334__340 Fur lined boots, hat, thermal everything, toasty!!!

Shanghai is a great city, the next day I took off in search of the People’s Heroes Monument, not too hard to find, its close by the Pearl Tower and you can see that just about from anywhere.


The Peoples Heroes Monument id dedicated to all those that paid the ultimate price to free China from occupation by foreign powers.

people's heros monument It’s 79 feet high and so an impressive structure, it looks great at night all light up.

Next was a boat ride on the Huangpu river


Looking around this great city it is hard to think that it once stood in ruin and tainted with blood, following in the footsteps of those who gave their life’s soldiers and civilians alike in a city that had a totally different sky then.

shanghai1937ija_ruins japanese soldiers

Today it has raised from the ashes to become one of the worlds nicest cities, great food, great people and some of the smallest WiFi cafes you have ever seen…


next on to Beijing…..part 3





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