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China Visit part 3 Beijing

Beijing city and The Great Wall visit,

sorry for the delay in bringing this last blog on my China visit.

Beijing in a great city, packed with great places to eat and can cater for most pallets.

Hotels are a plenty and again for every budget, I generally use for hotels whilst travelling, I have found them the best for all pockets.  see the link on the right side of blog.

Tiananmen Square

Following in the footsteps of those soldiers and civilians from China who gave their all during WWII, I find myself in this totally wonderful square in Beijing.  So much here to see and do, you could take a full day just wondering around here, visiting the People’s Heroes Monument, pictured below,


This monument is dedicated to all those who lost their lives during WWII and other conflicts, there is also the workers statue below,


There is also the Chairmen Mao memorial to be found in the square, pictured below,


And of course behind that you will find the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall which is also a must to visit.

In the northern part of the square you will find the totally dominating and all inspiring Forbidden City, I mean, history, this really is and has to be on everyone’s visit list.

beijing, forbidden city

The main entrance and below the interior




I get that this isn’t anything to do with WWII but it just has to be mentioned regardless of that just for history sake.

From Beijing the next day is yet another none related but has to be mentioned Chinese landmark, The Great Wall, I actually rang my family whilst standing on the wall, it was early in the morning but it just had to be done.  I really don’t think they got it, I did wake them up



Totally breathtaking… all my pictures, well not all but a selection, can be found here


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