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Sunsets from around the world

So your probably thinking how is this war related, well I was going through my pictures (which I have thousands of) and got to wondering…

How many soldiers, past present and future actually sat and watch a sunset from their position.  Maybe on beach, in a trench, a sniper high up on building.

The picture below was taken from one of my old flats where I  living at the time in the UK.

Tonights view from our home

Lincolnshire wolds
Lincolnshire wolds, UK

I feel that sunsets bring about certain thoughts and feeling, for me it really does depend where I am or was at the time, of course and who I was with.

the picture below was taken on Boracay Island, Philippines, I was sat at the end of the bar watching the sun go down and the people going about their end of daylight going to get ready for the night life type of stuff.

Phili Boracay Is

Packing away the sun beds, bringing their boats on to the shore, the holiday makers collecting their belongings and heading back to their hotels to prepare for the evenings events.

The next sunset was taken from a ferry crossing the north sea, over the years how many individuals be them soldiers crossing on ships, air plane pilots returning home or heading of on a mission, or navy personnel,  have seen sunsets just like this one.

North sea

I do think that following in the footsteps of soldiers or civilians alike does not have to be always doom and gloom,   There has to have being many forces personnel that have looked at a sunset and had happy thoughts….

MecodoniaMec 1

The above two pictures were taken in Mecodonia and a warm summers evening.

Below, Cuba from a beach front hotel.


Then Croatia Island hopping..

Phili ferry

And finally, here are some of my random sunsets…our planet really can deliver some spectacular scenes..



Do you collect sunsets or sun rises? if so why? leave your comments please..



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