The Ultimate Vietnam war A to Z travel guide

this is the ultimate Vietnam A to Z travel guide. each page is fully interactive. Pdf format only, it includes memorials, museums, battle sites and more spanning four countries, USA, Canada, Australia and Vietnam. What to see, where it is, how to get there, entrance fees and loads more information...

Travel to These 4 Countries Australia, USA, Vietnam and Canada like You’ve Been There Before and NEVER Get Stuck or Lost!

If you were to climb Mt. Everest, would you rather go it alone or go with someone who’s really good at climbing?

I bet you’d definitely choose the latter which is to go with an experienced guide. Someone who knows the perfect trail. What rocks to step on? And what time of day to get there…

So how does this relate to you?

You’ve been thinking of having an exciting vacation for quite a while now. That perfect getaway from work and stress where you get to pamper yourself just the way you truly deserve (at least for a few days) coupled with your interest in the Vietnam War.

The problem is; you don’t know where to go. Even if you have that part figured out, chances are you’ve never been to this place. Technically, you’ll be a foreigner in the land and it’s going to take someone with a good knowledge of the country to help you make the most of your vacation.

Do You Even Need To Plan Your Travels?

I often hear people mention that they don’t want to plan their trip. They say they’d rather act spontaneously and play it by ear.

They have this romantic perception of “finding that really appealing spot” by accident. Yes, it actually does sound great but in reality it isn’t the best idea (trust me, I was one of those people).

Australia, USA, Vietnam and Canada are full of little gems, but they’re hidden away and you’d never find them unless you knew EXACTLY where to look! Without some foreknowledge, you’re probably going to waste a lot of precious time and you’re going to miss out on the good stuff.

We all know that there is a plethora of travel information, advice, tips and tricks available online for those planning a trip, but they all lack ONE THING!

 What’s the one thing?

They lack “ONENESS.” All information is scattered and you’ll have to spend hours Googling to have all the pieces put together before embarking on your journey.

Truth is, the same technique you’d apply to achieve the mountain climbing feat can be adopted and used to Make Your Vacation an Exceptional and Highly Sensory Experience!

All You Need Is The A-Z Vietnam E-book

The Ultimate Travel Guide to Vietnam War.

Location Maps, Admission Fees, Opening Time, and More in ONE PLACE!!!


Contrary to the name, this guide covers 4 countries; Australia, USA, Vietnam and Canada.

What this means is that if you have always wanted to visit one or all of these places but have never had the opportunity to do so because you don’t know where to go if you do or because you think it’s going to be a total waste of time. That ends today!

I have meticulously taken all the information, tips and hints you’ll need, and have put them all in One Place for you to make your travelling as effortless and easy as possible.

This travel guide is jam-packed with:

  • Travel tips for 4 countries including Australia, USA, Vietnam and Canada.
  • Battle sites, memorials, museums and cemeteries.
  • A fully interactive map showing the location of each site.
  • Site opening times, admission charge (if applicable) and website links for further information.
  • A picture of the site to give you a feel of the site landscape.

And much more…

You can also:

  • Make a list of sites you visited at the end of the book
  • Mark sites as visited
  • Make notes on each site
  • Search by Country
  • Printable pages

The book is in alphabetical order using the Site Name. Each heading includes the country in which the site is situated, making it easier for planning your trip. Included with this A-Z Vietnam E-book (value £2.99), Vietnam Picture book (value £1.99) and a fully interactive travel planner (should be value £0.99). Total value: £5.97.

But you’re not paying anything near that. Buy TODAY and you only have to pay a one-time fee of £2.99. That’s it!

I can’t promise how long this offer is going to last, so act Now while you still can…

I have made the process of searching, planning a trip, and finding places of interest effortless.

Buy my travel guide book to Travel Safe and Convenientplease ensure you include your email address as its sent via email.


Vietnam A to Z travel guide

Vietnam A to Z travel guide pdf ebook


also available on Ebay click here



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