Vietnam War

The Vietnam war and the cost of human lifes. Why did it happen and which countries were involved.

1955  to 1975

Countries involved and the human costs

The Vietnam war ran for 20 years and involved USA, Canada, Australia and Vietnam mainly, however other countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and South Korea were also effected.

Most of the people involved in the fighting had no idea what it was all about, what they were fighting for.  In a nutshell, North Vietnamese want a unified country under communist regime rule, while the southern Vietnamese government want a more western style country.

The human cost of this conflict was high, 3.5 million people lost their lives over the 20 year period and that figure does not include the injured. below is a breakdown of those figures which include soldiers and civilian losses:

USA  –  58,200 deaths

Australia  –  500 deaths

Thailand  –  350 deaths

South Korea  –  4,000 deaths

North/South Vietnamese 3.4 million

The war left the country scarred by bombs and land mines, it also suffered from the defoliation of its plant life.  Most major cities saw conflict and were bombed beyond recognition.

Following in the footsteps of those soldiers and civilians alike I visited Vietnam back in 2009, you can see my pictures here and I will shortly be producing a blog about my visit.




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